It all started with a Blenko vase...

I was lucky to have some treasure hunting friends spend one day a week scouring estate sales, thrift stores and antique shops scattered throughout our beautiful Vancouver Island. One of my first finds was a small, amber vase that had a round, organic form and thousands of tiny bubbles suspended within the glass. I fell in love, purchased it and brought it home to find out where it came from. That's when I learned about Blenko (yes, my little vase was Blenko!), a glass company out of West Virginia that made beautifully crafted art glass- often simple in form but bold in color, a contrast I immediately loved!

And so it began. A treasure hunt, followed by research into Mid Century potters, ceramicists, glass makers, and artists. Of course, I couldn't keep all of this for myself, it was time to start sharing. In came The Cat. No Name Cat Vintage, to be precise! Not sure I should share the meaning behind the name, it's so much more fun when people guess :-) And yes, I've had many guess correctly! Hint: think 1960s movie.

Always on the lookout for anything bold or snappy, it's important to me that pieces are high quality and in excellent condition. I have a soft spot for art glass, Scandinavian design and the barware that was so popular in the 60s. Stay tuned as I continue to add more pieces :-)

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