Cocktail coupes are one of the first things to go when I list them in the shop- and for good reason! Vintage coupes are not only elegant, but they come with their own unique story and character. Who can forget Gatsby welcoming Nick Carraway to his mansion? Or Holly Golightly's famed party in Breakfast at Tiffany's? Yes they used mugs too, but you know you'd want the coupe ;-)

A few of my favorites:

- Hollow stem coupes are hard to come by and when I stumble upon a set while treasure hunting, my day is made! Watching champagne bubbles shoot up the stem or the sunset effect of any mixed drink, these special glasses will turn your wedding or New Year's toast into something magical.

- Smokey. Smokey glass coupes are sexy, it's as plain as that :-)

- Multi color coupes add a playful touch to your evening. Great for summer!

All of these sets are available in my shop and more to come. Happy cocktails!